(Photo: SENHA & Co)

(Photo: SENHA & Co)

Japanese folk/pop duo YUZU announces their very first Asia tour “YUZU ASIA TOUR 2016 Summer NATSUIRO”, and the tour will kick off in Singapore on 9 July at *Scape The Ground Theatre.

YUZU, consisting of Yujin Kitagawa and Koji Iwasawa was formed in March 1996. They started their music career playing on the streets of Isezaki cho in Yokohama, Kanagawa.

In October 1997, they debuted with the release of mini album “Yuzu no moto”, followed by their first single “NATSUIRO” putting them in the spotlight.

Their musical style is a combination of traditional folk and acatchy melody.

Their aggressive live performances are praised as “Neo-folk” and have achieved nation-wide acclaim.

After their debut, they continuously made hits such as “Sayonara Bus”, “Itsuka”, “Tobenai Tori”, “Niji” and “Amenochihareruya”. Although they performed in small venues initially, their popularity increased quickly leading to arena and stadium shows.

Among many hits, “Eiko no Kakehashi” released in 2004 was chosen as the theme song for NHK’s Athens Olympics broadcast. This song also became a huge hit and was well received by all generations across the country.

In recent years, they also produce music in various genres. Some of them was used as theme songs for popular Japanese anime cartoons.

YUZU ASIA TOUR 2016 Summer NATSUIRO in Singapore

Date: 9 July 2016
Time: 7pm
Venue: *SCAPE The Ground Theatre
Tickets: S$118 – S$138
Tickets go on sale from 13 May 2016 at http://www.sistic.com.sg